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Comprehensive Background Screening Services
for Nannies, Housekeepers, and other Care Givers

NannyVerify has been providing families access to comprehensive, FCRA compliant pre-employment background screening services since 1998. We understand that hiring a nanny, housekeeper, or other care giver to work in your private home caring for your vunerable loved ones is the most critical hiring decision most families will ever make. We are are here to help you insure you have performed all due dilligence in this important hiring process.

Background Checking Services

NannyVerify offers a variety of economical background screening packages, as well as a la carte services. We provide in-court county criminal records checks. Unlike other online sites, we do not offer stand alone database searches. This hire is too important to screen with the same quick-checks you would perform before going on a blind date.

Verify Before You Hire!

Your children and vunerable loved ones are depending on you to do your due dilligence. Carefully interview, do not overlook checking references, and be certain to obtain a FCRA compliant background check. makes it easy. ORDER NOW! Questions? Review our PACKAGES and our NANNY BACKGROUND SCREENING FAQ.

Remember: The candidate must provide the prospective employer a signed release to authorize the search. Download Now!

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